2015 NWPAS Main Pinball Tournament - A Finals - http://nwpas.wapinball.net/live
FINALS - Game A1 FINALS - Game B1 FINALS - Game C1 - 3rd FINALS - Game D1 - 1st-2nd
Seed Players NBA FB Pos Seed Players Breakshot Pos Seed Players Judge Dredd Pos Seed Players NBA FB Pos
SF-7th Eden Stamm 5 3 A2-2nd Tim Tournay 718080 2 B2-1st Dave Stewart 87398000 2 C1-2nd Dave Stewart 34 1
SF-5th Raymond Davidson 28 1 A1-1st* Raymond D 4193400 1 B1-1st Raymond Davidson 111533000 1 C1-1st* Raymond Davidson 5 2
SF-2nd* Dave Stewart 23 2 SF-1st* Robert Gagno 21866000 3
FINALS - Game A2 FINALS - Game B2 FINALS - Game C2 - 4th-5th Due to quarter and semi finals running longer than planned, a time crunch forced acceleration of this round. All games in finals were played as 2-ball games.
Seed Players ACDC Pos Seed Players Mustang Pos Seed Players Funhouse Pos
SF-6th Nicholas Polimenakos 3500000 3 A1-2nd Dave Stewart 70273000 1 B1-2nd Tim Tournay 2842980 2
SF-4th Kevin Birrel 17905000 1 A2-1st* Kevin Birrel 28829000 2 B2-2nd Kevin Birrell 6333500 1
SF-3rd* Tim Tournay 10668000 2
FINALS - Game B3 - 6th-7th
*Player gets machine pick Seed Players Funhouse Pos
If no *, then machine is randomly drawn A1-3rd Eden Stamm 12700000 6th
A2-3rd Nicholas Polimenakos 3800000 7th
The same machine cannot be selected
by the same player more than once
during final games.
C1-3rd 3rd Place Robert Gagno
B3-1st 6th Place Eden Stamm C2-1st 4th Place Kevin Birrell CHAMPION Dave Stewart
B3-2nd 7th Place Nicholas Polimenakos C2-2nd 5th Place Tim Tournay 2nd Place Raymond Davidson