2018 Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show
Tournament Prize Package Winners
Winner of Tourney Package
Weekend Pass + MatchPlay+PinGolf*
Event Guest +1
Alex Bowen Renton Rumble   x x
Altwin Hawksford Win Guarantee*      
Alyson Rae MNP Team Brawl BB x x
Andrew Nunes MNP Team Brawl      
Andy Burton MNP Team Brawl      
Arthur Eckhardt Win Guarantee*      
Ashley Weaver Capitol Hill Challenge   x  
Blake Mitchell Memorial Day Masters      
Brian Chesbrough MNP Team Brawl      
Brian Headley Jupitourney      
Brooke Borcherding ֍ Powder Puff   x  
Bubbles Shaiman Georgetown Flipoffs   x x
Candace Fields Babes in Pinland   x x
Cayle George ֍ Castle Crush MDM    
Chris Chinn Castle Crush MDM    
Clinton Peterson Viking Fights     x
Corey Klier MNP Team Brawl JUPI   x
Corey Roberson Tacoma Showdown      
Daniel Salo Bremerton Battle      
Danielle Crowson ֍ Capitol Hill Challenge   x  
Darin Lange Tacoma Showdown      
Dylan Higgins South by Northwest     x
Elijah Nelson MNP Team Brawl      
Emily Beirne Babes in Pinland   x x
Emma Frost Bremerton Battle   x  
Eric Csakany Bremerton Battle      
Fabian Benabente ֍ Memorial Day Masters      
Germain Mariolle Renton Rumble MDM    
Hannah Holmberg Powder Puff   x  
Heather Loudon MNP Team Brawl   x  
Heather Shypula Memorial Day Masters   x x
Honi Harrison ֍ Belltown Brawl   x  
James Frost-Winn Viking Fights      
Jarrett Gaddy Renton Rumble GF    
Jeff DeBock Tacoma Showdown      
Jesse Labbe Bremerton Battle JUPI    
John Overly Bellingham Ruckus     x
John Robinson WA  Nitro Battle Royale      
Jon  Salzman   Nitro Battle Royale      
Jon Shaiman Georgetown Flipoffs      
Jordan Semrow Castle Crush      
Josh Bellinghausen Capitol Hill Challenge     x
Josh Hornbaker Memorial Day Masters      
Joshua Francis ֍ Viking Fights      
Julie Gray Babes in Pinland   x  
Justina Russo Babes in Pinland   x  
Kelsie Sherman Hall Babes in Pinland   x x
Ken Martin South by Northwest      
Linus Wilson Bellingham Ruckus     x
Lonnie Langford ֍ Bellingham Ruckus RR    
Maka Honig Renton Rumble TS    
Mark Rueter ֍ Tacoma Showdown     x
Martin Rivero Win Guarantee*      
Mathew Peterson South by Northwest      
Matt Anderson Capitol Hill Challenge MDM    
Matt Cohn Castle Crush      
Matt McChesney  Nitro Battle Royale     x
Matt Slater MNP Team Brawl      
Maureen Hendrix Georgetown Flipoffs   x  
Max Davidoff MNP Team Brawl      
Michael Adcock Jupitourney      
Michael Rausch Bremerton Battle     x
Mika Rollin ֍ Babes in Pinland   x  
Mike Corbett WA ֍ Georgetown Flipoffs      
Neal Joslyn Viking Fights      
Neil Kubath Jupitourney      
Neil Oney Win Guarantee*      
Nigel Colbert Win Guarantee*      
Nycole Hyatt MNP Team Brawl   x  
Richie Terry Castle Crush      
Robbie Finnigan Viking Fights      
Robert Gagno  ֍ Nitro Battle Royale      
Sagel Frazier Belltown Brawl GF    
Sarah Hager Win Guarantee*      
Sarah Ledray Capitol Hill Challenge   x x
Sean McDonald ֍ Bremerton Battle MDM    
Sophie Spickard Babes in Pinland   x  
Stacey Moritz Babes in Pinland   x  
Stephen Donaldson Castle Crush     x
Tim Leahy  Tacoma Showdown     x
Todd Larsen ֍ Jupitourney      
Todd Rafacz ֍ Renton Rumble      
Vanessa Ish Win Guarantee*      
Zoe Vrabel ֍ South by Northwest   x  
84 12 23 19
NWPAS Weekend Passes Awarded 96      
**Guest of winner receives entry only into Main and PinGolf tourneys.
֍  Tournament Winner, received plaque
*Win Guarantee includes NWPAS weekend pass only. Does not include tournament entries.