2019 Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show
Tournament Prize Package Winners
Winner of Tourney Package
Weekend Pass + MatchPlay+PinGolf*
Event Guest +1
Anderson, Matt Renton Rumble      
Arias, Lucas MNP Team Brawl     x
Borgstadt, Chris  Capitol Hill Challenge      
Burton, Andy  ֍ Capitol Hill Challenge      
Chesbrough, Brian MNP Team Brawl      
Chinn, Chris ֍ Bremerton Battle      
Corbett, Mike Jupitourney RR    
Csakany, Eric Bremerton Battle      
Debock, Jeff ֍ Jupitourney BB    
Dubofsky, Clay Bellingham Ruckus     z
Durbin, Dawnda Bremerton Battle   x z
Francis, Joshua  Castle Crush      
George, Cayle  ֍ Castle Crush      
Gibson, Nick  Capitol Hill Challenge      
Giles, Anthony  Castle Crush      
Honig, Maka ֍ Bellingham Ruckus      
Howard, Jon  Bellingham Ruckus      
Hyatt, Nycole MNP Team Brawl   x  
Johnston, David  Castle Crush      
Lamont Collins, Dwayne MNP Team Brawl     x
Lisaius, Algird  Capitol Hill Challenge      
Logan, Ren MNP Team Brawl   x  
Loudon, Heather MNP Team Brawl   x  
McConnell, John Castle Crush     z
McCool, Tim Jupitourney      
Nelson, Elijah MNP Team Brawl      
Posrednikov, Sergey MNP Team Brawl      
Robinson, John  Castle Crush      
Sheffels, Corbin MNP Team Brawl      
Shivers, Dean Renton Rumble     x
Singleterry, Alex Jupitourney      
Slater, Matt MNP Team Brawl     x
Smirnov, Illirik Jupitourney     z
Sperrazza, Vincent Bremerton Battle      
Terry, Richie ֍ Renton Rumble      
Uomoto, Tim Castle Crush      
Walker, MK  Capitol Hill Challenge   x z
37 2 5 9
NWPAS Weekend Passes Awarded 39      
**Guest of winner receives entry only into Main and PinGolf tourneys.
֍  Tournament Winner, received plaque
z - won guaranteed Rookie/Amateur pass; can only win one prize package via this guarantee.
*Win Guarantee includes NWPAS weekend pass only. Does not include tournament entries.