2020 NWPAS Pinball Tournaments
June 5 through June 7, 2020

Satellite Tournament Series
March 16th to May 25th

COVID-19 Update from NWPAS Board of Directors:

With a heavy heart, we have made the decision to cancel the 2020 Northwest Pinball & Arcade Show this June.

With the current ban on large events and the spread of COVID-19 it's too uncertain where things will be 2 months from now. Pinball and arcade shows are very hands on with person after person touching the buttons, joysticks, and controls of games. Even if the venue and city let the event go on it would be impossible for our volunteer staff to keep up with the rigorous sanitation demands. In the interest of public safety and the financial survival of the show we feel it's prudent at this time to make the decision to cancel. All tickets will be fully refunded and we are working with the venue to move our deposit to next year. In the meantime, we urge you to support local arcades, pinball leagues, game vendors, and other pinball and arcade related businesses and organizations as much as you can to keep our hobby alive and flourishing.

Thank you to the thousands of people that were planning on attending and the hundreds of people that volunteer their time and games every year to make the show happen. We do the show for you, you are our community and friends and we will get through this together.

The information that follows on this page is from the original 2020 plans. They'll be left here for reference, as details for 2021 tournaments are likely to be similar.

Kid's Pinball Tournaments

Tournament catering to kids 12 and under.

3-Strike Knockout Tournament. Saturday 6:00pm-8:00pm. Select bank of machines on show floor, location TBD.

This will be the same knockout format as used in many of the local weekly tournaments. Each round, players are drawn to play head-to-head match against an opponent on a randomly selected machine. The winner does not get a strike, the loser does get a strike. Everyone keeps playing additional rounds until they get 3 strikes. The last player without three strikes is the tournament winner.

Final placement for all other players is based on what round the player was knocked out.

Additional Information

Tournament Director: Lefty Sitaris
For questions and inquiries regarding tournaments at NWPAS, please contact wapinball@gmail.com.

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