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2017 NWPAS Pinball Tournaments
June 9-11, 2017

Satellite Tournament Series
March 27th to May 29th

NWPAS Satellite Pinball Tournament Series

Weekly tournaments at your favorite local establishments in Seattle Area. Expanded to 13 Satellite Tournaments and one partner event.
– Estimated 70+ Tournament Prize Packages to be won!! for a combined prize pool valued at over $8000!
– New in 2017: One Satellite Tourney restricted to players not ranked in IFPA Top 1000!
– New in 2017: One Satellite Tourney restricted to Women!
– New in 2017: One event in Tacoma, one event in Bremerton!
– New in 2017: Modified restrictions for Doubles Teams!
– Any player can win packages in up to two events during the tournament series, to give one to a friend or family member
– Variety of tournament formats: Match Play, Multi-Play, Knockout, PinGolf, Doubles, and Team!
IFPA World Pinball Player Ranking (WPPR) points towards state and international rankings for most events
– Entry only $10 to Enter any satellite tournament (except the one partner event)
– Lots of raffle prizes at every event
– Win Guarantee - See Details below!

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2017 NWPAS Satellite Series Schedule

Click on tournament name for live standings or results, if available.
  Date Start Time Location Name Format Max Players Restrictions
1 Monday, March 27, 2017 8:00pm Flip Flip Ding Ding MNP Team Brawl 10-Player Teams 8 Teams 21+ MNP Teams
2 Friday, March 31, 2017 8:00pm Olaf's Bar Viking Fights Knockout 56 21+ IFPA WPPR
3 Wednesday, April 12, 2017 8:30pm Triple Knock Tacoma Showdown Knockout 80 21+ IFPA WPPR
4 Friday, April 21, 2017 8:00pm Another Castle Edmonds Castle Crush Match Play 80 AllAges IFPA WPPR
5 Tuesday, April 25, 2017 8:00pm 8-Bit Arcade Renton Rumble Multi-Play 72 21+ IFPA WPPR
6 Sunday, April 30, 2017 8:00pm The Goat Phinny Ridge Meet Doubles 30 Teams 21+ *See Below
7 Thursday, May 04, 2017 8:30pm Add-a-Ball Satellite Babes in Pinland Knockout 80 21+ Women Only
8 Sunday, May 07, 2017 8:00pm Shorty's Belltown Brawl Knockout 72 21+ IFPA WPPR
9 Friday, May 12, 2017 8:00pm Lucky Liquor Skillful Luck Contest Knockout 54 AllAges **See Below
10 Tuesday, May 16, 2017 8:00pm Narwhal Capitol Hill Challenge Knockout 64 21+ IFPA WPPR
11 Sunday, May 21, 2017 4:00pm AC Bremerton Bremerton Battle Knockout 54 21+ IFPA WPPR
12 Thursday, May 25, 2017 8:00pm Flip Flip Ding Ding Georgetown Flip-Offs Multi-Play 63 21+ IFPA WPPR
13 Sunday, May 28, 2017 1:00pm Shorty's Sponsored Event: Powder Puff Double Elimination 128 21+ Women Only
14 Monday, May 29, 2017 Noon 8-Bit Arcade Memorial Day Masters PinGolf 72 AllAges
  * Doubles Tourney Restriction: no A division players (top 250), at most one top 1000 player.
** Skillful Luck Contest is limited to players not ranked in top 1000.

Tournament Prize Packages

Each Tournament Prize Package has a minimum $115 value, and consists of:
– Weekend Pass to Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show (NWPAS), Jun 9-11, 2017, at Tacoma Convention Center ($65 value)
– Entry into NWPAS Main Pinball Tournament ($25 value)
– Entry into NWPAS Classic PinGolf Tournament ($25 value)
– If winner of package is a women, then Entry into Women’s Knockout Tournament ($10 value)
– If winner of package is eligile for NWPAS Rookie Knockout Tournament, then Entry into that tournament too ($5 value)
– The WINNER of a satellite tournament also wins an NWPAS T-Shirt ($25 value).

Win Guarantee

We want everyone to go to the show, and doing what we can to help! So if you play in at least 7 of the satellite tournaments, and you don’t win a tournament prize package, then we’ll GIVE you a weekend pass to the show ($65 value), for your support and participation of the tournament series.

Please note that the Powder Puff Partner Event does not qualify as one of the seven satellite tournaments for purposes of this win guarantee, due to the different prize model used in that event.

Prize Pool

Except for MNP Team Brawl and Powder Puff Partner Event: Minimum THREE Tournament Prize Packages per Satellite Tournament.
– Additional prize package for every additional 7 players (28 players = 4 packages; 35 players = 5 packages, etc.)
– One of the guaranteed prize packages for top scoring player ranked as a Rookie/Amateur. For example, if five total packages, and none of top 4 are ranked as a Rookie/Amateur, then the fifth prize goes to the highest-finishing player that is eligible. If one of the top 4 is Rookie/Amateur player, then fifth place would get that fifth package.
– Any player can win packages in up to two events during the series, to give one to a friend or family member
Additional raffle prizes at each event!

MNP Team Brawl
– Every player on winning team wins a tournament package.
– Additional prizes for 2nd and 3rd place with 8 teams participating.

Powder Puff Partner Event: sponsored by NWPAS
– Entry Fee and prizes are per that tournament's advertised info.
– Top two players in tournament receive Tournament Prize Packages, on top of the normal prize pool.

Additional Details

– 70 total prize packages is estimated. Actual number of packages could be higher or lower, depending on total number of participants.
– When a player wins a second package, it is considered a “guest/+1” of their first package. The person they give the package to must accompany them when they check-in to the expo and each tournament.
– Players who have already won two packages can still play in a tournament and earn WPPR points and win raffle prizes, but will be ineligible for tournament prize packages. If they qualify for a prize package, the package will go to next highest finishing position.
– Rebuy in the Main Tournament is $25; players cannot use an entry won in a satellite tournament for a rebuy.
– The Rookie and Women awards are only offered if the person winning the package is eligible. These awards are not included in a second prize package won by an individual, and thus not part of a package used by a “guest/+1”
– The Doubles format requires two-player teams. To keep teams balanced, no A-division (top 250 players) and maximum one top-1000 player on any team, based on IFPA rankings that day.
– Players who earn free weekend passes through volunteering time at the show, bringing machines, or as a sponsor, can request a $50 gift certificate to be picked up and used anywhere at show, in lieu of the weekend pass.
– Tournament prize packages that are not claimed at the show are forfeited.
– Packages are not transferable, with exception that a winner of two packages can transfer the second one to their “guest/+1”.
Rookie-Amateur Eligible Players: For purpose of the 2017 NWPAS Tournaments and Satellite Pinball Events, Rookie-Amateur Eligible are players who have an IFPA ranking that is not in the top 2000, and who do not have an average of more than 1.5 WPPR points per tournament played if they have less than 20 tournaments played. Tournament Director reserves the right to classify someone as non-amateur if their IFPA ranking is artificially low due to very few recent tournaments played.

Tournament Format Descriptions

Below is a description of each tournament format. Note that adjustments to any format could occur up to the time of the event. In general, if there are major changes needed, they will be announced on the Facebook Event page for that tournament, as well as on this website, with as much notice as possible.


This will be the same knockout format as used in many of the local weekly and monthly tournaments, with one key exception. Once all players remaining have won packages, the tournament ends. Final placement is based on number of strikes each player has, with ties for equal strikes.

If there is a tie for first, then a ONE GAME tie breaker amongst those players, with final results of that game determining final position in the tournament.

If there is a tie for who wins a package and who doesn't, it will be a ONE GAME tie break amongst those players.


Multi-Play format first originated in last year's NWPAS Satellite Series. The format is now used in the semi-final and final rounds of the NWPAS Main Match Play tournament, as well as the finals some matchplay tournaments around Seattle.

It's tons of fun and will provide 100% IFPA tournament grading to maximize the number of WPPR points you can earn, to improve both your state and world player ranking.

All players will be guaranteed a minimum two rounds of play, for a minimum of six games played, three games per round.

Round 1 will group players into 3-player groups. Those three players will simultaneously start 3 games on a randomly selected bank of 3-machines. Since there may be more groups than there are banks, some groups may need to wait till a prior group is done to play their games.

When a group begins, each player starts on the machine as stated on the scoresheet. All play ball 1. When their ball ends, they wait near that machine (to guard and from random people walking up to it and plunging a player's ball mid-progress) until the other players in the group also finish ball 1. When all players in the group are done with ball 1, they rotate right, and play their ball 1 on the next machine as the 2nd player. When that is done, they rotate right and play ball 1 as 3rd player on the next machine. Once ball 1 is done, they rotate again and play ball 2 the same way. Thus in the typical time to play one tournament game, players will have played three games on three different machines. Points are earned for each game, as 3 points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, 1 point for 3rd.

Round 2 operates same as round 1, but with two different opponents and a different bank of machines. Points earned in round 2 are added to points for round 1.

Note that if total number of players is not multiple of 3, one or two groups might be 4-players, but players will still play 3-games each with 3 players in each, to keep scoring balanced. The score sheet will provide the details.

The top 16 players after two rounds move on to Round 3. Round 3 will group players into four 4-player groups. Each 4-player group will play 4 games simultaneously on 4 different machines, rotating after each ball. Groupings will be based on seeding after the first two rounds, using standard 16-player seeding: 1-8-9-16, 2-7-10-15, 3-6-11-14, 4-5-12-13. Except for a tie for 16th place, ties for seeding only will be broken randomly. Points are earned for each game, as 3 points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, 1 point for 3rd, 0 points for 4th.

The top player from each group of 4 will make it to the final 4 round. If there are 35 players or more, then all four players will win a tournament package. Otherwise those four players will play off for at least two, and possibly three NWPAS tournament packages. The winner of the final round will also win an NWPAS T-Shirt and be awarded the most IFPA WPPR points.

If there are more prizes to award than the first four, then second place from each group will play for one or more additional tournament prize packages, as well as final placement for purposes of IFPA WPPR points.

The highest-ranking rookie-eligible player, based on rankings after Round 3, but who does not win a tournament package in Round 4, will also win an NWPAS tournament package. If there are no Rookie-eligible players who meet that criteria, then standings after Round 2 will be used.

If a tie breaker is needed to determine who moves on to the next round, it will be a one-ball tie breaker. After round 2, this will be on a machine selected by the tournament director. If this is after round 3, then the machine will be selected by the tournament director among the machines in the bank that the tied players just finished playing.

Note that it is the responsibility of the player who just finished their ball to guard that machine from random people walking up to it and playing. As a result, if anyone other than the next player plunges the ball of the next player, it is the person who just ended their ball and didn't properly guard the machine who will be disqualified for playing out of turn.

Match Play

This is a more traditional match play tournament. It will be 5 rounds of 4-player games (or some 3-player games if odd number of players). No Final Rounds, rankings after 5 games are used to award prizes. Scoring will be 7-5-3-1 if a 4-player game, or 7-4-1 if a 3-player game.


Players sign up as teams of two players. If you don't have a teammate, show up and let registrant know that you're looking for a teammate. We'll hook up pairs of players to form additional team. Any two players can form a team, with two constraints: Players ranked in IFPA top 250 not eligible, and at most one player can be ranked in top 1000. This will ensure well-balanced teams for the competition. This tournament will be limited to the first 30 teams that register. This tournament also requires an even number of teams. If there is an odd number, then unfortunately the last team to sign up will have to be dropped from the competition.

The event will be a 5-game partial round-robin, where each team will play five rounds against five other teams. Each team can earn up to 5 points per game, using the same format that is used in the doubles matches of the Monday Night Pinball league. That is, if the two games for your team are 1st and 2nd, win 5-0. If 1st and 3rd, with 4-1. If 1st and 4th, and the other team is thus 2nd and 3rd, the team with the higher combined total wins 3-2.

In case of a tie, the tie breaker will be one shared game for each tied team, on a randomly selected machine. One player will play balls 1 and 3, the other player ball 2, and up to one extra ball if the team earns one.

As with every Satellite Event, prizes are still awarded as one out of 7, with prize packages guaranteed for both members of the top 2 teams (although no guaranteed prize for top Rookie-Amateur). There will be on additional prize package added for every four additional teams. It's possible that one team wins only one package, rather than a package for each player, if there are an odd number of total packages. If that happens, it will be awarded to the player with lower IFPA rank of the next team in the standings after the five rounds, although in this one case the team may discuss with tourney director the possibility of splitting the package.


PinGolf format with one round of 9 holes, similar to IFPA Pin-Masters event.

This tournament will run identically to the Classic PinGolf at NWPAS, with just a reduced number of Tee-Off times (72 slots).

Players will be able to reserve a tee-off time starting a week before the event. Two players tee-off at a time, but still play as one-player games.

Every machine will be set to 5-ball play, and will list a target score. Reach the target score in 1 ball for a hole in one. Reach it in 2 balls, then get a score of 2 strokes, and so on. If the target score is not reached after 5 balls, then earn a stroke score of 6 to 10, depending on how close to the target score reached. The score ranges (80%, 60%, 40%, 20% of score) will be shown on a note on the backglass.

When a player reaches their target score or their game ends, they should raise their hand to call over the scorekeeper to verify and record the score.

Extra balls can be played, and counts as an extension of the current ball being played. Thus if a player earns an extra ball on ball 2, and during that ball 2 they reach the target, they get a score of 2.

When a target score is reached, the player stops playing and informs the scorekeeper of the number of strokes it took them. All subsequent balls for that player will be plunged.

Scores on each machine will be tabulated. The players are ranked from lowest to highest score, with lowest score being declared winner at the end of the event.

There will be no finals to this event. Rather, standings after qualifying rounds will determine the winner of packages. Players from earlier rounds do not need to be present at the end to earn their prize; they'll be notified via email or text message.

Players must show up to at least 15 minutes before their scheduled tee-off time and pay their $10 entry fee, or may lose their reserved tee-off time to someone on the Standby list. Registration closes once all tee-off times are filled. Players can get onto a standby list if available to play and there is a no-show.

MNP Team Brawl

A Maximum of eight teams will compete in four rounds, such that each round will be against a different team. Each round will consist of four doubles matches, with scoring identical to Monday Night Pinball doubles scoring. After four rounds, the two teams who have earned the most points will compete head to head in one sudden death round, of five doubles games, to determine the tournament winner. The machines for each round will be randomly selected; teams get to select which players play on each of those pre-selected machines.

As in MNP, if all ten players on the team play at least 3 games each, the team will earn 9 match bonus points. However, these match bonus points will also be used to reduce last-minute changes to rosters. Rosters will be frozen on Wed Mar 22. A first roster change after that date will reduce match bonus points by 1. A second roster change reduces by 2, third by 3, etc. A roster change made on the day of the event, Monday Mar 27, will be reduced by double the penalty. Match bonus points will not go any lower than 0 (i.e. no negative numbers).

Ten player teams do not need to match MNP teams, although we expect several of the teams to compete as a whole. Players from multiple teams can join in to produce one of the teams. Team restrictions have been relaxed as compared to MNP. For this tournament, a team can have a maximum of one top-150 player, three top-500 players, or five top-1000 players. Only exception is for players all on the same team, who will be allowed to still play with each other if one of those constraints is not met.

Entry fee is $100 per team ($10/player). Pre-registration is required by a current MNP Team Captain or Co-Captain. First 8 teams to pay the team entry fee get the spots. Payment for the team needs to be paid fully at once; either cash directly to Dave Stewart, or via Pay Pal.

Each of the 10 players on the winning team will win an NWPAS tournament package. Additional prizes for each player on the second place team. If the tournament is at capacity with 8 teams, each player on the 3rd place team will win an entry into one of the other satellite tournaments.

Tie Breakers: in case of a tie for a critical position after four rounds, the tie will be broken using following rules, applied in order until the tie is broken:

Tournament Series Director: Dave Stewart
For questions and inquiries regarding tournaments at NWPAS, please contact wapinball@gmail.com.

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