2017 NWPAS Pinball Tournaments
June 9-11, 2017

Satellite Tournament Series
March 27th to May 29th

2nd Northwest Women's Pinball Championship, Sponsored by Nitro Pinball

NWPAS is proud to be host of the Largest Women's Pinball Tournament in the nation! With a grand prize of a Nitro Custom Refurbished pinball machine, this year promises to be as exciting as last year's inaugural season.

2016 Northwest Women's Pinball Championship Finalists, from Left to Right:
3rd Place - Robin Lassonde (San Francisco)
2nd Place - Chantelle Mercier (Vancouver)
4th Place - Zoe Vrabel (Portland)
Champion - Hannah Holmberg (Seattle)

In 2016, the NW Women's Champion competed in the Nitro Rising Star match, against winner of B Division, and B-Eligible players who qualified for A division finals, to battle for the pinball machine. Zoe Vrabel who qualified by finishing 5th in A division won, with Hannah Holmberg finishing second. Coming in 2017, that final match has been eliminated. Instead, the NW Women's Champion will win the pinball machine prize.



Two Qualifying Rounds, on Main Tournament Bank of Machines Registration for both rounds opens Friday Noon, closes 15 minutes prior to each round.
Qualifying, Round A: Friday 5:00pm-8:00pm.
Qualifying, Round B: Saturday 1:30pm-4:30pm.
No player cap. If more than 60 players in a round, additional machines from the show floor will be used in addition to the Main Tournament Bank machines to accommodate the larger number of players. Furthermore, there may be an adjustment to the tournament format, as outlined below.


$10 Entry Fee for one round. Additional $10 for a retry.

Note that this championship is available to Women in addition to the other tournaments at NWPAS. Women are encouraged to participate in the Match Play and PinGolf Classic events, as well as the Rookie&Amateur Event if eligible, for alternate chances at big cash and prizes. The schedule has been setup such that the women's championship final does not conflict with the finals in any other division.

Tournament Format

This match play tournament is similar in format to the main match-play format, but smaller with two qualifying rounds and one less playoff round.


Qualifying will be identical to one of the qualifying rounds of the Match Play tournament. Refer to the Match Play Qualifying Details for full details.

EXCEPTION: if there are more than 76 players in a round, the match-play format may change to using matchplay.events software, with 7-5-3-1 scoring. This format change is due to limitations in the software used for the match-play with bonus scoring.
• The top 7 players in qualifying Round A, and top 8 players in Qualifying Round B, move on to Quarter Finals.
• Any significant ties will be resolved by a ONE-BALL SUDDEN DEATH tie-breaker on a randomly-selected machine.

Quarter Finals:
• The quarter-final round will include 15 players (7 from Round A, 8 from Round B).
• This round consists of a 4-game partial-round-robin format, as 3-player games, where each player will play differ opponents and machine each game.
• The top 8 players move on to the Semi Finals.
• In case of a tie to advance to next round, tied players will play a ONE-BALL SUDDEN DEATH tie-breaker on a randomly-selected machine.
• Procedure for starting each game, order of play, and scoring will be same as in Qualifying Rounds.

• The semi-finals will be played using a 4-player Match Multi-Play format.
• Players are split into two groups, seeded as 1-4-5-8 and 2-3-6-7 based on quarter final results
• 4-Player Match Multi-Play is a format where four players play 4 games simultaneously. A bank of 4 machines is selected for the match. A player will be player 1 on one game, player 2 on the next game to their right, player 3 on the 3rd game, and player 4 on the 4th game. Each player starts on a different machine. Play begins with all players starting their first ball at the same time. When they are done, they play their first ball on the next machine, when the prior player is done. This repeats until each player has finished ball 1. Players continue to rotate through ball 2 then ball 3, until each player has played all three balls on all three machines.
• Scoring on each game is the following: Winner gets 3-points, 2nd place gets 2-points, 3rd place gets 1-point, 4th place gets 0-points.
• Points from each game are added up. Winner is player with highest sum total from all four games.
• Two players with most points in each group move on to finals.
• Third place in each group finishes tied for 5th. Fourth place in each group finishes tied for 7th.
In case of a tie to advance to next round, tied players will play a ONE-BALL SUDDEN DEATH tie-breaker on a randomly-selected machine from the bank they just finished playing.

• Finals will proceed as a 4-player Match Multi-Play, similarly as semi-finals with the top 2 players of each semi-final group.
• The two players with the most points will play one final championship game on the Ali prize machine, to determine the winner of the championship and of the Ali pinball machine.
• For the final game, player who wins the 4-player multi-play round chooses order. If both players are tied, order selected by coin flip.
• If there is a tie for 2nd place after the multi-play round, then a ONE BALL SUDDEN DEATH tie-breaker will be played on a randomly selected machine from the bank of machines that was just used.

Prize Pool

• Winner wins a Nitro Custom Edition Pinball Machine.
• This year, the machine will be an Ali Pinball Machine! For first place, this pinball machine is the trophy, with engraved plate on the machine!
• Trophies and cash for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place.
• Cash prizes for all players eliminated in quarter or semi-finals (5th thru 15th).

Additional Information

Malfunctions and Rulings will be handled using the same rule set as for the Match Play Tournament.

Tournament Directors: Dave Stewart and Germain Mariolle
Please note that we do not have a woman running this tournament, only because we want all women to have the opportunity to compete without being distracted or possible conflicts of interest with trying to run this event as well.
For questions and inquiries regarding tournaments at NWPAS, please contact wapinball@gmail.com.

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