2015 NWPAS Pinball Tournaments
June 5-7, 2015

Classic PinGolf Tournament
Qualifying Friday and Saturday
Finals Saturday Evening

Classics PinGolf Tournament

This is PinGolf format tournament that will be run on a variety of pre-1990 Pinball machines. This event is open to all, and offers IFPA World Pinball Player Ranking (WPPR) Points.


Friday Qualifying: 1:00pm-9:30pm. Last Tee-off at 9:30pm.
Saturday Qualifying: 11:00am-4:00pm. Last Tee-off at 4:00pm.
Registration open Friday 1:00pm.
Registration closes Saturday 3:50pm or whenever all remaining tee-off times are full, whichever occurs first.
Tee times are every 10 minutes. Players can tee-off early if they are next pair in line and machine for hole 1 is idle.
Playoff Round: Saturday 8:00pm.


– Entry fee: $20 to participate in one round of PinGolf. No retries.
– Entry includes one play on each of 9 machines in the Classics Tourney Bank, and one mulligan on game of your choice.
– The Classics Tourney Bank will include a variety of pre-1990 machines.
– Each game will have a target score to meet.
– Number of balls it takes to achieve objective is the "strokes" for that machine.
– If target score is not met by end of the game, then a score between 6 and 10 is recorded, depending on how close to target score was achieved.
– Players with the 18 Lowest Scores by end of qualifying will play in the playoff round on Saturday evening.

The following sections include more specific details on the format of each round.

Qualifying Round Details

Sign-up anytime during qualifying at the Tournament desk.

Players will be sent off in pairs. You may sign up with a friend, or show up solo and we'll put you into an open slot. Once a pair is signed up, they will be given a Tee time. Show up at the classics bank at that time to play your round. If at any time there is a backup with multiple pairs waiting to play the same machine, priority is given to the pair with the earliest Tee Time. This includes players cycling back to play their Mulligan.

The entire round is to be played at once, on specified machines in the order stated. Do not play machines out-of-order unless directed to do so by a tournament official. All games should be played as single-player games, so that there are no issues such as tilting other player's ball, playing out of order, stealing locks, etc.

All machines will be set to 5-ball play. If an extra ball is earned, play it; that does not count as an extra stroke.

Each machine will have a target score to achieve, shown on the backglass. If the player reaches that target score, their current ball number represents their strokes for that hole.

If a player achieves on ball 1, they get a hole in 1! If they achieve it on ball 2, they get a score of 2 strokes, and so on. If a player fails to reach the objective during the game, they get a score between 6 and 10 for that machine, depending on how close they got to the target scoreThe score ranges (20%, 40%, 60%, 80% of score) will be shown on a note on the backglass. Extra balls can be played, and counts as an extension of the current ball being played. The player must notify the scorekeeper (raise hand and stay at machine) once the target score is met or game is over, until the score is recorded. If score was obtained on ball 4 or prior, do not plunge remaining balls until score has been recorded.

Once both players have completed the game, move on to the next machine. Once both players have completed all games, circle back to the machine of choice for each player, so that each player can play their "mulligan". Players must queue up to play their Mulligan immediately after their 9 holes, then play when it is their turn, or they forfeit their opportunity to play it. Any player who leaves the bank for more than 15 minutes during qualifying may forfeit the remainder of their games. If there is an urgent situation that requires you to suspend your qualifying run, please discuss with a tournament official to avoid the forfeits.

Playoff Round Detail

The top 18 players after qualifying will play in this playoff round. An additional round of 9 games will be played on the same bank of machines.

Each player will be assigned into two-somes, on one of the machines. Play for this round proceeds same as in qualifying round, with same scoring, except that target scores on machines might be adjusted.

Players "rotate" to the next machine after each game, until all nine games have been played. That is, team on hole 1 goes to hole 2; team on hole 9 goes to hole 1.

Scores will be reset (Scores from qualifying do NOT carry over to this round). Total score of the 9 holes played during the playoff round will determine final finishing order in this tournament.

Tie-breaking rules

During qualifying round, tie breaker for 18th as follows: if players have the same score, ranking goes by most "hole in ones". If still tied there, than rank moves to those with more 2 stroke entries, then 3-stroke entries, etc. For example player A,B, and C each have a tied total score of 16 points across 5 machines. Player A= 1,6,4,2,3 Player B=2,5,4,2,3 Player C= 2,6,4,2,2 In this example Player A is first (only player with hole in one) Player C is second (player C has three 2 stroke holes, player B has only two) In the rare chance that tied players have identical scores and stroke totals, then a tie breaker game will be played on randomly chosen game.

During Playoff Round: There will be tie-breaker games only for players who are tied for positions that offer different prizes will. In the case of a tie, players will play a sudden death playoff, starting at a randomly selected machine. Play for the hole proceeds just like normal round, with players earning a score based on number of balls used to meet the target score. If still a tie, then players move on to the next hole, and repeat until the tie is resolved.

Tentative Machine List

Here is a tentative list of machines that will be in the Classics Tournament Bank. While we do our best to let players know what to expect, this list is subject to change prior to the tournament due to availability of machines.

Hole 1. World Fair
Hole 2. Counterforce
Hole 3. Time Fantasy
Hole 4. Hot Tip
Hole 5. Laser Cue
Hole 6. 300
Hole 7. Strikes and Spares
Hole 8. The Games
Hole 9. Countdown

Unfortunately part of pinball is breakdown of machine that cannot be repaired. If a machine breaks down and is not repairable, then one of the following actions will be taken:
– If the machine becomes unavailable but 80% or more of the players have played games on it, then for players who did not play, they will each get average score on that machine (rounded to nearest whole number). Players who are concerned about this 'alternate action' should choose earlier tee-off times and not wait until the end.
– If the machine becomes unavailable prior to 5pm Friday, then it may be replaced. If it gets replaced, anyone who played that machine can come to the bank at any time and play the replacement machine to get their score. Players who do not play the replacement machine will get the average score of all the other players on that machine (rounded to nearest whole number).
– A machine that breaks in the middle of the tourney (after 5pm on Friday, but before 80% of the players have played it), or a machine that breaks down prior to 5pm Friday but there are no replacement machines, will have that machine dropped from the scoring, and all scores on that machine will be voided.

Prize Pool

Shorty's Boost! Guaranteed $300 $500 for winner of tournament. All 18 finalists will receive cash prizes. Top qualifier $100; if multiple players tied, pot is split among them.

Additional Information

Tournament Director: James Edes
For questions and inquiries regarding tournaments at NWPAS, please contact wapinball@gmail.com.

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