2015 NWPAS Pinball Tournaments
June 5-7, 2015

Rookie Knockout Tournament
Sunday 11:00am

Rookie Knockout Pinball Tournament

Casual tournament for players who are relatively new to competitive pinball, and who want an introduction and preliminary competitive experience. Any long-time player with an IFPA ranking of 2000 or below is also welcome to play.


Sunday 11:00am-2:00pm.
Registration opens Sunday 10:30am.
Registration closes at 10:55am.


– Tournament afficionados will be on hand throughout the tournament to answer any questions you have about pinball competitions.
– Entry fee is $5. No re-entries.
– This is a 3-Strike Knockout tournament. This format means you keep playing until you have lost 3 games. This is the same format used in most of the weekly tournaments in the Seattle area.
– At the start of each round, players are randomly matched against another opponent for a 2-player game, on a randomly-selected machine.
– Order of play each game is determined by a coin flip.
– The winner of the game moves on to the next round without an additional strike. The other player gets one additional strike, but also moves on unless it was their 3rd strike.
– After each round is complete, a new round commences, with new random matchings among all players who do not yet have 3 strikes.
– The one player who remains after all other players have gotten 3 strikes is the tournament winner.
– Entry is limited to players who have have not qualified for the Sunday rounds of the Main Tournament, and have an IFPA ranking of 2000 or below (or are unranked) on the day of the tournament**.
**Exception If a player won a Rookie Entry during an NWPAS satellite tournament because on the day of that tournament they were rookie-eligible, then they WILL be allowed to play, regardless of their ranking on Sunday June 7th.
– You can check your current player ranking using the IFPA World Pinball Player Ranking player search page.
– This tournament will primarily be played on the Classic Tourney Bank of machines. However, some main bank machines not being used for the main tournament finals, as well as some show floor machines, might be used if there is a large turnout requiring more machines.

Prize Pool

Shorty's Boost! Guaranteed $100 $150 for winner of tournament. Plaques for top 3 finishers. Cash for top 8 finishers.

Additional Information

Tournament Director: Lauren Aquino
For questions and inquiries regarding tournaments at NWPAS, please contact wapinball@gmail.com.

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