2016 Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show Pinball Tournaments

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Match Play Tournament

Champion: Germain Mariolle
B-Division Winner: Dave Mercer

Final Results

Match Play Round A Standings
Match Play Round A Scores and Matches

Match Play Round B Standings
Match Play Round B Scores and Matches

Match Play Round C Standings
Match Play Round C Scores and Matches

Match Play Round D Standings
Match Play Round D Scores and Matches

Match Play Round E Standings
Match Play Round E Scores and Matches

Match Play Quarter Finals Standings
Match Play Quarter Finals

Match Play Semi Finals Standings
Match Play Semi Finals

Match Play Final 7 (A and B Division)
Match Play Final 3 (A and B Division)

NW Women's Championship

Champion: Hannah Holmberg

Final Results

Qualifying Standings
Qualifying Scores and Matches
Semi-Finals and Finals

Classic PinGolf

Champion: Julie Gray

Final Results

Qualifying Standings

Rookie Knockout Tournament

Winner: Emmalyn Smith

Final Results


Rookie Grand Champion Match

Rookie Grand Champion, Winner of Bally Galahad: Nick Cline

Nitro Rising Star Championship Match

Nitro Rising Star Champion, Winner of Nitro Custom Edition Harlem Globetrotters: ZoŽ Vrabel

Final Results

Ball 1 Video
Ball 2 Video
Ball 3 Video